Employee training
The Institute of Intelligence and Security Management (IISM) is a certified training institute with accreditation from the Home Guards as per PSARA 2005. The IISM has the capacity to train 300 Security personnel at any given time.

IISM was started in the year 1991 and functioned from a sprawling area of 3 acres in Nagpur. Later in the year 2001 it was shifted to Karjat in company’s land measuring 8 acres. The IISM has a 6 Block building which includes lecture halls, a barrack to accommodate 100 trainee, a training mess and cook house, staff dormitory, store room, administrative office, a bungalow for Principal, a Parade Ground, Obstacles Course, play ground, and fire-fighting demonstration area.

The Company has now decided to raise additional training centers in various locations of the country to cater for the training requirement of ever increasing guards in the company’s payroll. In addition to the IISM Karjat three more training centers have been established at
(a) Bharauli (Gorakhpur) 2005,
(b) Baroda (Gujarat) 2006,
(c) Chennai (Tamil Nadu) 2006.

Over and above the Company has a Staff Training College at Rabale which started in 2010. The SCS is primarily meant for training the office and administrative Staff of SCSPL.

The SCS believes in providing a foolproof security to its clients and towards that end even before training of a guard starts, a thorough background check of his antecedents are done. Only those guards who have a clean antecedents, are physically fit and mental strong embark on a one-month training program at the IISM.

The residential training program at IISM comprises of 80 hours of classroom instructions in addition to 120 hours of drill training. This training prepares the raw guard for a long guarding deployment at SCS. The following subjects are covered in detail, apart from the normal Industrial Security:-
(a) Crowd Control
(b) Stampede Management
(c) Unarmed Combat
(d) Arms training
(e) Drill Parade
(f) Rescue Drill
(g) Physical conditioning

IISM is in the process of having an affiliation with the Karnataka State Open University (KSOU) to ratify the syllabus being covered in the institute. Following courses have been endorsed by the KSOU:-
(a) Certificate Course in Security Operation (6 Months)
(b) Diploma in Security Management (1 year)
(c) Degree in Security Management (1 year)
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